Ava & I Gold-Rimmed Flamingo Stemless Wine Glass


Sip a cheeky chilled white or full-bodied red from this stemless wine glass, complete with gold-detail and some very funky flamingos.

Brought to you by Ava & I, this goblet is a twist on the classic design, combining traditional style with lashings of sass!

While traditional, long stemmed wine glasses are elegant and graceful, they’re also a little top heavy, making them unstable and prone to messy smashes and spills.

With these stemless wine glasses, you won’t need to worry.

The flat bottom will balance perfectly on surfaces and the modern, stylish finish will look just as spectacular as a classic wine glass would, so you can really relax while you celebrate.

The cute design is compact too, so the glass will take up less space in the cupboard when you’re ready to store it until next time.

  • Dimensioms: 9 cm x 12 cm (3½” x 4½”)
  • Hand-wash only
  • Window gift box


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